can you imagine finally getting sleep at night?

You get the calls constantly. The business needs new data loaded. They need changes to how it's modeled. They need new aggregations built. You want to maintain the relative sanctity of your existing data warehouse. Wouldn't it be great to create a data mart especially for your business users and allow THEM to handle the data setup and manipulation through a controlled, powerful, easy to use interface? An interface that has a plethora of "sanity checks" built in, ensuring your peaceful slumber?

Enter Pyramart. Our powerful data mart middleware sits on top of a SQL Server, Netezza, Big Data (Hive or Impala), Teradata or Oracle instance to build and maintain a data mart that Marketing (or Sales, or Product, or whoever else) can use for their business needs.

Pyramart has the data model framework already worked out for your customers. It also handles all the ETL and its associated transformations. All your users need to do is quite literally point-and-click their way to data nirvana, and all you need to do is monitor the infrastructure. The calls from the business will lessen - imagine all the time you'll have!

The data entered in to Pyramart is checked by literally hundreds of consistency, accuracy, and syntax algorithms, ensuring the data your users enter makes sense to the system. And, since the metadata entered is responsible for the actual creation and maintenance of the data mart, you can be assured that the metadata is 100% accurate. This could be a great way to start or continue Master Data Management activities at your business!

Pyramart utilizes data warehousing best practices. All Dimension data is stored as a Type 2 SCD; tables can be relatively denormalized, or normalized up the wazoo, depending on how your business partners structure it. Key values are specific to the individual table groups; this prevents users from performing many common Join mistakes. Common views across tables for specific timeslices (eg "End of Month", "Current Load") are automatically created for you. Custom data exports are available as well!

Data Security is also built in. With the click of a button, your users can protect sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) through hashing. That way, they can still use the sensitive data attributes such as SSNs, Credit Card Numbers, or anything else in their analyses, but they won't actually be able to know what the underlying data is (because all they'll be able to see are the hashes)!

Pyramart can accept data from any standard source, including FTP / SFTP sites, spreadsheets, MS Access Databases, CSV / TXT files, as well as connections to external DBMSes and warehouses such as Teradata, Oracle, or Netezza through standard OLEDB / ODBC drivers.

Pyramart's deployment is flexible as well: we can host an instance for you in our secured cloud, or we can configure and send you an appliance, or you can install the software on your existing Windows infrastructure in a traditional n-tier arrangement. We've also built Pyramart with the greatest level of compatibility in mind - all you need to run it is a minimum of Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2005, and .Net 4.0!

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