can you imagine marketing nirvana?

Data. It's all around us. But how do you corral your data so you can use it? Many organizations try to set up data warehouses for that. The problem is, those warehouses are usually built to meet the needs of Finance groups. As such, they don't care about the data aggregations that interest you most: the 360 degree view of your customers and how those customers relate to each other to create households!

Or, maybe you have data scattered in a million Microsoft Access databases and Excel Spreadsheets. You spend so much more time bringing your data together than actually using it!

Enter Pyramart. We took data warehousing best practices and mated them with an easy to use interface and backend that YOU set up and control. The result is a scalable, powerful data mart filled with YOUR data, aggregated how YOU want it. Data changes are tracked over time for you automatically, allowing you to quickly see how your business looked at a particular point in time. Aggregations keep track of measures over the current month, year, or all time. Finding your best customers (or even the ones who are in danger of leaving your business) becomes quite literally a "point and click" affair through the use of Pyramart's powerful flagging capability.

Join us for a quick 2 minute journey in to the life of Joe, a Marketing Data Professional, as he tries to get his data loaded in his old-school data mart / warehouse. Frustration and missed opportunities abound. Then, see how much easier his life would have been if he had Pyramart!

Imagine: no "opening a ticket with IT" when you need to add a new data source, no budget request when you want to modify a field. No nothing. Let IT focus on what they do best: the availability of the infrastructure, and let you focus on what you do best: using data!

Pyramart serves as the foundation for your online Marketing efforts. Do you have, or are you looking at, systems such as Aprimo, Alterian, or Marketo? Or, do you have reporting software such as Crystal reports or Microstrategy? Any of these applications (and so many others) can hook directly up to Pyramart's data mart and transport you to Marketing Nirvana.

Contact us today to experience what Pyramart has to offer!