imagine a pyramid and you're basically there

"So how does Pyramart work?" You ask? Simple, really. All you need to do is enter information for data sources in our easy to use Web-based front-end: what the files are named, the days they're expected, what the fields are, and so on. As part of the field configuration process, you simply click the fields you want to aggregate up to your top levels, and denote which keys you want to use.

Pyramart then performs all your aggregations for you, giving you peace of mind that the data you use to target your customers is based on the most recent data you have, thereby improving your targeting relevance and your campaign results!

Whether you're using Informatica, SSIS, or any other data movement tool, if it's working for you for parts of your infrastructure, GREAT! You don't have to get rid of anything to use Pyramart!

Pyramart's forté is the automated, business-self-directed creation of data marts that are specific to a line of business or technology department. Like Marketing. Or Product. Or on the tech side, Pyramart can even be used as a monitoring tool, keeping tabs on critical infrastructure by frequently processing logfiles and alerting on problems!

Your data-minded business users don't need to have data warehousing experience at all. They just need to know how they want their data aggregated, and that's it! Pyramart takes care of modeling the data for you using data warehousing best practices!

So, if you have an Enterprise Data Warehouse or Big Data infrastructure, cool! Put Pyramart to work creating those business-line-specific data marts!

If you're just starting out, awesome! Pyramart is a great first step towards getting in to data warehousing!

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