What Is Pyramart?

Pyramart is powerful, automated data warehousing / data mart software that makes Data Warehousing EASY!

It's specifically designed for people who want a fast, easy, and powerful way to build a rock-solid data warehouse foundation to power campaigns, reports, or analyses, and don't have time, money, or team to set it up themselves. Just tell Pyramart how you want to bring your data together across your data sources (especially in to 360 degree perspectives of your data!) and Pyramart does all the hard work for you.

No Data Warehousing experience is required! Whether you're new to data warehousing and need a solid data warehouse built automatically, or a seasoned data warehousing expert who needs to decrease data time-to-market, we've got you covered.

We've automated the hard parts of Data Warehousing so you can focus on what's important: using your data on your own timeline!

Pyramart meets the needs of everyone who uses it, no matter if you're new to Data Warehousing or are a seasoned expert. Check out the videos below to see how Pyramart can benefit you:

First, there's Johnny. He's the "Data Guy" in his department who has outgrown his current system and needs to upgrade to a data warehouse / data mart:

Then, there's Joe, who is a Business-side Data Guru. He has been empowered by his Tech partners to build and manage his data himself:

 And last but not least, there's Daniel, a Data Warehousing expert who is looking for a way to "cut to the chase" on data warehouse and data mart development:

Point and click your way through a simple web-based interface, either on-site or in the Cloud. Create 360 degree views of your customers and their Households with ease. Yes, ease. Your awesome data mart serves as the powerful data foundation, built automatically using data warehousing best practices! You know your data. So get to it! You can build it yourself with Pyramart.

And rest assured, we haven't forgotten I.T. in all of this. Pyramart contains the data quality and security infrastructure required by I.T. so they can rest easy at night as well.

We Love Showing Off our software

How about contacting us today to schedule a demo of Pyramart? Once you see it, we're sure you'll love it as much as we do!